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Aging sucks. But you don't have to give into it if you follow some simple principles

You are over 40. Maybe you have recently had your 50th birthday or even your 60th. If you're like a lot of men (including me), you're starting to realize that your health, your happiness or your well-being isn't what it used to be. Perhaps your penis doesn't work like it used to. (Yeah, we're not shy around here about stuff that matters to middle age men.)

Most men find us because they don't want to cruise through middle age and deal with increasingly scary health issues,  a loss of vitality, perhaps depression or a loss of purpose and expanding belt sizes.  No one wants to be fat, unfit and impotent. Yet a lot of men are. And there's little to nowhere for them to turn. Our aim at Delicious Daddy is to fix that.

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What is a Delicious Daddy?

Want to know what a Delicious Daddy is? A Delicious Daddy is a man, not necessarily a father, who is committed to being a healthy, happy, vibrant and relevant man even though he may be older than 40, 50, 60 and beyond. Being a Delicious Daddy is a state of mind and body where you look after yourself—refusing to succumb to the ravages of aging. 

What a Delicious Daddy is:
A man that is sexier and healthier (or as healthy) than his younger self.
A man that can hold his own among other men
He still believes in himself and still cares about how he looks and feels.
He refuses to give in to aging.
He wants to look good for himself and his partner.
He might even be interested in what he eats and have the ability to 
He exercises to feel good and even if it is just a daily walk, although some delicious daddies take on exercise like it's a part-time job.

Delicious Daddy is a newsletter and community of men who are committed to working on their health so they can thrive through mid-life and into their elder years. This newsletter (and its community) have been created to help you stay happy, virile and healthy for your families, kids and, equally importantly: Yourself.

If you've realized your seemingly immortal 20s and 30s are behind you, and you're now into your 40s or facing 50 or 60 or beyond, this newsletter and community of men are for you.

Our subscribers tell us they are part of this community because:

  • They have had an unpleasant health episode that scared them, and they want to do something about it.

  • They don't like what they see in the mirror any more.

  • They don't feel how they used to feel 5, 10 or 20 years ago, and it is freaking them out.

  • They were never taught by anyone what to expect with being a man over 40, including the deal with health, sex, mental wellness, fitness and food.

  • On that note, many men are here because their penis doesn't work how it used to, and they're looking for answers and solutions.

  • They've recently left a marriage and are looking to recover, renew and restore themselves in the next chapter of their lives.

(Read our founder's origin story. Except for the last point, his life looks a lot like this list.)

If you don't fit any of the above criteria., maybe you're curious. Maybe you're a woman who loves a Delicious Daddy and wants to help him with his health and aging challenges. Maybe you're older or younger than the 40-70 age group this community usually consists of. That's ok too. If you're interested in the topics we're interested in, you're welcome to be here.

Be sure to add the email [email protected] to your safe senders (white) list to ensure you don’t miss a thing. And while we have you, let us know how we can help and support your journey. Just email us at [email protected] with your questions. And, be sure to check your email for your $DD coin reward instructions in the next few days. If you didn’t receive it, let us know!




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